What is a feltmakers convergence?

A Convergence is a gathering of felt makers, and the sharing of knowledge, experience and ideas is the underlying theme. The Southern Hemisphere Feltmakers Convergence has been happening bi-annually since 1990. Each convergence is a little different, reflecting the fact that a feltmaking group in a different location hosts it entirely voluntarily. A convergence is an amazing event and some feltmakers have been attending them over many years ensuring lifelong friendships. The convergence program differs from year to year as it is traditionally largely made up of feltmakers who volunteer their time to share their knowledge, ideas and experience of feltmaking. A convergence attendee can expect many inspiring tutorials, workshops, opportunities to display your work, a fashion parade, installations, community group projects, lectures, professional development, informal demonstrations, a place to felt to your hearts content, traders trading their supplies, many networking opportunities, and much laughter and camaraderie with other feltmakers. It is a whole week immersed in the wonderful stuff of felt. Eat, sleep, and drink felt if you are that keen! It covers every aspect of felt making and is suitable for all levels of experience, wherever you are at with your own feltmaking journey. The 12th Convergence will be held in The Illawarra Region of NSW Australia, 1st-6th September 2013. It will be hosted by The Illawarra Feltmakers inc. Come along, learn, share, felt and have fun.

Applications for enrollment are expected to go out October 2012. If you would like to be on the email list please let us know. 12thfeltconvergencesh@westnet.com.au

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Guest tutors

Each  convergence attendee will have time with the three guest tutors

The Illawarra feltmakers are pleased to announce three guest feltmakers for the 12th Convergence. They are Japanese feltmaker, Leiko Uchiyama, Martien van Zuilen from Perth, and Anna Gunnarsdottir from Iceland

Anna Gunnarsdottir
Anna Gunnarsdottir is a Textile Artist living in Iceland. Anna studied arts in Akureyri, Iceland and took various courses in three-dimensional textile work in Denmark, Norway, UK and USA. She works mainly with wool, silk, leather and fish-skin. Her inspiration comes from the unique Icelandic nature, which is ghostly beautiful and pure. She has learnt many things about traditional Icelandic art from her grandmother and her mother. Being bought up in a coastal atmosphere, many of her sculptures have themes of the animal world of sea shore. Anna has taught felt making in UK, USA, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Germany and Greenland.

She is the member of the Artists Association of Iceland as well as the Textile Association of Iceland.

Anna has taken part in many single as well as collective exhibitions around the world. She has captured a lot of appreciation and prizes for her work. The latest being Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2011 in Korea where she got a prize for her felted and embroidered lamp. It is now being exhibited in “Sculpture Inside” in Cottesloe Australia. Anna has her own studio and gallery ”Svartfugl and Hvitspoi” in the town centre of Akureyri.

Anna was elected City Artist of Akureyri in the year 2008.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Guest feltmakers for the 12th Convergence

The Illawarra feltmakers are pleased to announce three guest feltmakers for the 12th Convergence. They are Japanese feltmaker, Leiko Uchiyama, Martien van Zuilen from Perth, and Anna Gunnarsdottir from Iceland.

Martien van Zuilen
Martien van ZuilenMartien is the founder of the Victorian Feltmakers Inc. and the coordinator of the Australian National Yurt Project. She holds an Associate Diploma in Art Textiles and an Honours degree in Anthropology. Martien’s creative art work has appeared in a number of publications, including Yurts, Tipis and Benders, Textile Fibre Forum, Felt/Filt, Felt Matters and Fiber Art Now. Her website is www.martienvanzuilen.com
About her arts practice Martien says the following:
“Throughout the years, my sense of excitement when making felt is undiminished. It is an ‘open’ process; there is nothing between me and the fibres, we connect ‘face-to-face’ and in a ‘hands-on’ fashion in the creation of meaningful objects. What matters is the intentional engagement with making, and the interplay of materials, experience, design, and ideas. Making felt engages my whole being; it truly suits my fold. Sharing the magic of felt through teaching is something that continues to give me great enjoyment. I feel fortunate to be part of a vibrant community of makers; the social networks and spirit of generosity mean the world to me.’

Friday, 7 September 2012

Convergence info

If you know anyone interested in attending the convergence, please pass on our email address so they can get onto the list for enrolment information.
We are planning on making this available by early October 2012.

The Illawarra feltmakers are pleased to announce three guest feltmakers for the 12th Convergence. They are Japanese feltmaker, Leiko Uchiyama, Martien van Zuilen from Perth, and Anna Gunnarsdottir from Iceland

Other highlights will be a Story telling evening, fashion parade & the Felt Games.

Leiko Uchiyama

Leiko Uchiyama says of herself:

It’s been almost 20 years since I discovered feltmaking. I was an agricultural student and verged into textiles. I’ve been thrilled with what comes out of myself, a part of me which I wouldn’t even know if I wasn’t making felt. Feltmaking creates the path I’ve been passing through and it’s been connecting me with many wonderful people. It makes me travel. Felt making itself is like a travelling journey for me. Making felt is a journey through myself, different people and through culture. I’ll see where my felt takes me to and at the same time I’m the one who navigates…

You can see some of Leiko’s feltwork at http://leikofelt.com

What Leiko Uchiyama will share at convergence.

“Matsuba” means Pine Needles in Japanese. This is Leiko Uchiyama’s innovative version of lacy felt. She was inspired by pine needles on the snow. Leiko will share how she prepares the wool and lays the wool differently from the way many of us normally do, to achieve her intriguing felt surfaces. This felting technique is very beautiful and useful. Leiko says she would like to share the magic only our hands can do!